The List

Rankings updated as of 5/1/2017.

This month, I’ve added some additional information, highlighting the games on the list that I’m “Ready to Review” (e.g. have acquired a copy, recently played, or located one nearby) as well as my “10 Most Wanted” (of the games on the list that I have not previously played and have not yet tracked down a copy, these are the ten I’m currently most eager to get a hold of).

If you’d like to request a specific game to be reviewed next, or have a tip on one of my 10 Most Wanted, please leave a comment or message Top of the Table via social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Gloomhaven and Terraforming Mars both make their debut in the Top 10 this month. Both look ready to climb still further.
I’ve read a bit about War of the Ring recently and this one looks really fascinating. It may be hard to find a copy, but I’m really eager to hunt it down.
I’m a bit torn about Arkham Horror TCG because I don’t love the theme or the business model, but I’m a sucker for legacy games.
Viticulture will be my first big review of May. Dead of Winter may not be far behind.
I’m looking forward to reviewing A Feast for Odin. However, I’ve been putting it off for a bit because like the game itself, I know that review is going to be a heavy lift.
I’m going to have to review vanilla Pandemic at some point. Hard to go back to the original after the Pandemic Legacy experience.
My Resistance Avalon review has been sitting in draft form for over a month now. I’m torn on how I feel about this one.
Alchemists is one game in this range that really interests me, but it hasn’t quite made my ’10 Most Wanted’ list because it sounds an absolute monster to learn and teach.
Viticulture appears a second time on the list, with the original edition. Having learned the rules for both, I don’t think they’re different enough to merit two separate entries.
Zombicide: Black Plague makes its debut on the list. Sounds like such a sweet lil game.
Buh bye, Mage Wars Arena. Congrats on your time spent in the Top 100 – it’s getting constantly tougher to earn a spot.