Review: Concordia

Concordia harkens back to the beginning of board gaming’s golden age. A time before the terms ‘Kickstarter’ and ‘stretch goal’ were part of the lexicon. Back when most of the hottest titles among board game connoisseurs were about producing and trading little wooden resources. Although Concordia feels like it is from 2003, it was actually… Read More Review: Concordia


Review: Suburbia AND Castles of Mad King Ludwig!

BGG Ranks #60 and 75 – 2/16/2017 Question: What does the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle have in common with a generic cluster of suburban sprawl? a) Both have been featured as the setting for multiple Pixar movies. b) There’s a really popular T.G.I. Friday’s at Neuschwanstein. c) Suburban architecture is heavily inspired by the works of composer Richard… Read More Review: Suburbia AND Castles of Mad King Ludwig!