Review: Inis

BGG Rank #282 – 3/21/2017 For months now, I’ve been pursuing the goal of playing every game in the BoardGameGeek Top 100, and chronicling the experience in this blog. I’ve really been enjoying it so far, and I’ve got several of those reviews in the works as we speak. This week though, I’ve just got… Read More Review: Inis

Review: Istanbul

BGG Rank #89 – 3/3/2017 Imagine yourself a merchant operating a successful business buying and selling goods among the bustling streets of Istanbul. You’ve got a cadre of assistants, a cart full of fine goods, and a modest stash of coins. And you’d trade it all for the one thing you really care about… rubies. That’s… Read More Review: Istanbul

Review: Suburbia AND Castles of Mad King Ludwig!

BGG Ranks #60 and 75 – 2/16/2017 Question: What does the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle have in common with a generic cluster of suburban sprawl? a) Both have been featured as the setting for multiple Pixar movies. b) There’s a really popular T.G.I. Friday’s at Neuschwanstein. c) Suburban architecture is heavily inspired by the works of composer Richard… Read More Review: Suburbia AND Castles of Mad King Ludwig!

Review: Go

BGG Rank #97 – 2/10/2017 This week we’re taking a trip back in the past, to look at what is easily the oldest game in the current BGG Top 100. Go is believed to have been invented by a Chinese emperor (or a member of the royal court) more than 4,000 years ago. But as I’ve noted… Read More Review: Go