The Haven Journals: March 15, 2087

SidSid – London – March 15, 2087


I need to return to the Haven at New Catalonia soon. But I promised to write in the journal this month, and it is good to work on my English. Our team tries always to communicate better.

This month has been stressful. From the outset we have crises on every continent: Jacksonville, Sao Paulo, Tripoli and London. Lagos is having some problems too, but thankfully the city was well stocked, which helped keep it under control.

In South America, Starling exited his comfort zone and headed inland, connecting Santiago and Bogota to the grid.

Soon after that, Walker headed to Lagos to restock the city, while the rest of us went quickly to London. With help from Hansel, Starling arrived at Heathrow to assist in building a supply center. I do not know what we would do without Hansel’s ability to arrange special flights.

From there we performed a mission of.. cómo se dice “reconocimiento”.. into Europe, connecting Paris to the grid. In Paris we found aircrafts in good condition. With these we are now able to fly easily between havens and research centers.


Missing the water, Starling chartered a boat to Sao Paulo. There he provided supplies and built a second supply center. Unfortunately, the plague still persisted in the city, and he was not able to leave the area, risking exposure unless Hansel could fly him out.

At this point, things were beginning to get outside the hand. The plagues in Sao Paulo and Jacksonville were threatening to outbreak into neighboring cities. Meanwhile, Tripoli had no supplies remaining, with none of the team nearby to assist. Worst of all, a sudden sequence of infections in London led to an unexpected outbreak while Hansel and I were still in the city.


To avoid exposure and save success, we took emergency measures. We used our only emergency eradication kit to eliminate the plague from London. This was a choice very difficult, as the citizens of Sao Paulo and Jacksonville needed it even more. We felt that we had to protect ourselves in order to save the world, but I cannot escape the feeling that we acted selfishly.

Next, the team used additional emergency measures to inoculate the city of Tripoli. We felt it was better to protect Tripoli from exposure to the plague so that we could focus on the other cities that were already in crisis.

In an ultimate ditch effort, Hansel restocked London’s supplies, and flew to Atlantis to protect the Haven from infection, in case of a potential outbreak from Jacksonville.

For a moment, it looked like there might be time enough to build a third supply center and salvage victory. However, it was not to be. A rash of infections in New York City led to an unexpected outbreak of the plague there.

As if this defeat was not already bitter, we are continuing to have fewer supplies and feel stretched thin as the grid grows faster than our capabilities. As my friend Hansel says, we are stuck inside a hard place with rocks.


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