Breaking News: Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Coming Summer 2018!

While I haven’t posted games news on this blog much so far, announcements like this one are too juicy not to share. In August 2018, Bézier Games will be releasing a game that I’ve been highly anticipating — Ultimate Werewolf LEGACY! Bézier has announced that the game will play out over a 16 game campaign, with 3 games per “chapter” as well as an introductory practice game. Each of the five chapters can be completed in a single evening, with an 80+ page Diary leading players through the narrative. Every group’s experience will be unique, based on the game outcomes and players’ decisions.

The concepts of social deduction and legacy gaming are two things that I love individually, and while they don’t necessarily seem like an obvious combination, I’m certainly excited to put it to the test with Ultimate Werewolf Legacy!  At some point in time, combining ham and pineapple on a pizza probably seemed like an unnatural combination too. Yet now, Hawaiian pizza is an absolute classic.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy: the Hawaiian pizza of games. You’re welcome to use this tagline if you like, Bézier Games.

The full press release from Bézier Games is provided below:

“Today, Bézier Games announced that their anticipated title Ultimate Werewolf Legacy would be released in August this year at Gen Con and is currently available for preorder.

In Ultimate Werewolf, players are given secret roles and asked to find whom among them are werewolves. Meanwhile the players who are werewolves are trying to get rid of everyone else in the village before they are discovered. With a variety of special-powered roles thrown in, games require players to be alert and to deduce the actions of all of the other players in order to survive and win.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy raises the tension and increases the impact of decisions made by the players, as everything that happens will impact future games. Players are each given a public Family Card in addition to their secret role card, and will team up with the other members of their family to work together… unless one or more of their family members is secretly working against them. Players can earn special abilities that carry over between games as well.

The Legacy aspect of the game isn’t limited to player evolution, however, as the village itself will change over time base on both the decisions of the players and the outcomes of each game session. There are multiple paths that the game may take, and as a result the experience you have playing through the entire game will be different than someone else who is playing with another set of people. This also allows players to play through the campaign multiple times, with a different set of roles, rules, and environments each time.

At the center of Ultimate Werewolf Legacy is the oversized, 80+ page Diary, which walks the game moderator through every session. The Diary has been designed so that players with no previous werewolf playing experience can both play and moderate. The Diary is structured into 5 distinct chapters with 3 game sessions in each chapter, as well as an introductory Preface game session. Players can jump in and out for individual sessions, but they’ll have the most fun if they player all the sessions in a chapter. Each chapter can be played in a single evening. At the end of the 16 game session campaign, the Diary will be a record of exactly what happened in your village, and who was ultimate responsible for what it became over time.

For players who have already played through the campaign, they can purchase a Replay pack, which includes a fresh diary and an additional set of Family cards, allowing them to play through the entire campaign again.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy was co-designed by Ted Alspach, (Ultimate Werewolf, Werewords, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf) and Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy, Seafall, Betrayal Legacy, and Mountains of Madness).

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy and Replay Packs can be preordered at, and will ship in August 2018.


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