The Haven Journals: February 15, 2087

StarlingStarling – Atlantis – February 15, 2087

The sea has always been my home. That doesn’t mean I can’t handle the mainlands. But the team asked me to stay back in Atlantis this month, to practice my building skills. I’m the best craftsman among our task force, and we need to be able to put up those supply centers as fast as possible.

img_3330So am I happy to be posted here this month? Sure. But when they need me back on the front lines, I’ll be ready.

When Walker left port a couple weeks ago, he headed down to Sao Paulo to build a supply center. He said he was hoping to perform some recon inland and maybe find some survivors or supplies. Personally, I’m not sure how comfortable I feel trusting the grandson of an infamous turncoat with this task.

img_3331Meanwhile, the siblings from Q’anyda headed over to North America. Hansel did some scouting inland, and uncovered a supply route to San Francisco. Maybe one day I’ll get to see the Pacific — though I’d rather sail there than waste time trekking across the continent.

Meanwhile, Hale was delivering supplies to cities along the coast and getting ready to prepare a supply center. She eventually went over to Chicago to search for additional supplies, and find a route to Denver. We heard all about it over the coms. We heard all about everything Hale did. I nearly threw my radio into the ocean at one point.

img_3332Sid was over in the Mediterranean, trying to keep that region under control. She needed some backup, and Hansel headed over to meet up with her in Cairo. They dropped off a bunch of reserves, and then jetted off, leaving the region completely unattended. There were other fires to put out — sometimes tough choices need to be made.

Sid met up with Hale in Washington, and together they were able to construct a second supply center and stave off a looming supply shortage. I’m not sure how close they were to an outbreak, but it certainly sounded dramatic.

img_3336Walker had ditched Sao Paulo to go deliver some more supplies, so Hansel picked up where he left off with the recon. We’re now connected to two more cities — Lima and Buenos Aires. It looks like there may still be more survivors on the mainlands than we thought. That’s great and all, but it also means more mouths to feed. They better have some supplies to contribute to the cause, or we’re all doomed.

As expected, things were starting to get a little rough in the Mediterranean, but Walker was able to get things under control with one last supply center in Istanbul. I’m still going to keep an eye on him, but he did his job this month.

I’m ready to head back out into the field next month and show off my new skills. But not before I turn off this damn radio, head on down to the dock, and grab a beer.

For the next entry in the Haven Journals, see March 15, 2087.



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