The Haven Journals: December 31, 2086

Hale – Q’anyda – December 31, 2086

HaleTo all those who read this letter – this is the story of humanity’s heroic last stand, in the face of insurmountable odds. Our leaders have vanished, and supplies are dwindling. Five of us have stepped forward to venture out to the mainland in search of supplies, aid, anything to delay the inevitable. We call ourselves the Last Stand.

My name is Hale, and I’m a radio operator on the haven of Q’anyda. For years, I’ve been communicating with the mainland and other havens to make sure everyone has current information. As much as I’ve learned during that time, I’ve still never left my haven. And for now, I’m still here, communicating with the other members of the Last Stand as they prepare to venture out.

HanselOne member of the Last Stand is my eldest brother, Hansel. Actually, he’s my only brother now. While our other brothers were out serving in the field, Hansel stayed at home as a coordinator. He chose the role not because of any innate leadership skills, but due to the lifestyle it offered. He can no longer hide in the safety of our family compound though – he’s the best administrator we’ve got left. I just hope he’s up to the task.

WalkerDuring the last few days I’ve had the chance to meet the other members of the Last Stand as well. There’s Walker, a farmer from the southern colony of Atlantis. ‘Walker’ is his surname, but that’s what he wants to go by now. Walker has a real talent for growing food in harsh conditions – and he literally has a green thumb. Despite his talent, he’s never been offered significant responsibility. As the great-grandson of the traitor Clarence Walker, he has lived his whole life as an outcast. It’s obvious that he bears the scars of that humiliation. But finally, out of necessity, he has been given a chance to clear his family name.

StarlingAlso hailing from Atlantis is the swarthy seaman known as John Starling. He’s still a bit of a mystery to me. From what I hear, he’s made a living doing the work that few others volunteer for or are capable of. I imagine that he cut an impressive figure in his prime, though the years have clearly taken their toll on him. But his weathered exterior is belied by the strength and toughness in his eyes.

SidThe last member of our party is a girl named Sid, a history instructor from New Catalonia. Apprentice history instructor, to be exact. At only 20 years old, she hasn’t yet received her certification. Not ideal, but at this point she’s the best we’ve got. She does show great aptitude, and she’s got talent in her blood – her great grandmother was the famous researcher Dr. Garner, who helped develop a cure to COdA back in the year 2016. Her English is a little rough, so hopefully that’s not too much of an issue.

That’s our entire team – the group tasked with saving life as we know it. This is our Last Stand.

For the next entry in the Haven Journals, see January 15, 2087


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