New Feature: The Haven Journals

Hi all — I’m excited to introduce a new monthly feature that I’ll be posting on this blog — the Haven Journals. I’m currently playing through Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 with some friends, and am writing recaps of each session. The recaps will be written from the perspective of the characters we’ve created, in a narrative form.

For those familiar with Pandemic Legacy, you already know that one of its defining features is that the game changes permanently based on your actions and choices. As such, there is strong potential for spoilers. I’ll be providing an introductory paragraph before each post to indicate which boxes we’ve opened etc, so that if you are also currently playing through PL:S2, you can know whether it’s safe to read ahead.

If you haven’t started PL:S2 at all but hope to play it in the future, the first entry will be free of spoilers since it just covers the Prologue, but I would recommend that you do not read any additional posts beyond that until you’ve had a chance to play it for yourself.

And just in case you’re wondering if I think it’s worth playing this game for yourself: ohhh my, yes.

I’ll post links to the entries below as they come up, concurrent with the 2018 calendar:

(If you’re asking yourself “what’s Pandemic Legacy”, I’d recommend checking out my spoiler free review of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1.)


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