Rankings Update – June 2017

Last month in the Rankings Update, I added a “Most Wanted List” feature, identifying the 10 games of which I was most interested in tracking down a copy. Well, that feature seems to have worked out pretty well. Within weeks, I had received leads on 8 of the 10 games on my Most Wanted list. And I stumbled across a ninth game from the list by accident. Thanks to all those who reached out to help me find some of these games!!

May was a bit of a slow month for reviews, with only a few published. But with how many games were located, I still feel that it was a productive month for the blog. Since my review queue is now packed full, I’m not going to post an additional ‘Most Wanted’ list in the June rankings. Rather, I’ve added a Heat Index column to give you an idea of which games are highest up in my queue. Here’s the key:

  • Red Hot = These games are at the very top of my queue. You can expect my latest reviews to come primarily from this category.
  • Hot = I’m very interested in these games, and if the chance comes along to play and review one of these, I’ll jump right on it.
  • Warm = I’m keeping an eye on these games, and would not turn down an opportunity to play and review any of them.
  • Blank = With so many good games on the list, these ones are on the back burner for now.
  • Complete = I’ve already reviewed this game. Check the archives if you’d like to read my thoughts on it!
  • N/A = A few games on the list appear twice, and in these cases the lower-ranked editions are considered N/A. I’ll review a few extra games just off the Top 100 to make up for the shortfall!

In terms of what you can expect in June, get excited for a very big War of the Ring post coming soon. I played it for the first time last week and had a blast! What else I review this month will depend on what I can get people to play with me — let me know if you have any suggestions or requests!

Halfway to completing the Top 10! Terra Mystica coming soon hopefully.
Played WotR last week and loved the asymmetry.
Great Western Trail took a huge jump up the charts in May – 10 spots.
BGG voters seem to disapprove of how mainstream Codenames has gotten.
A Feast for Odin climbed six spots in May. Rising up my to-do list too.
Got to convince someone to give Tigris and Euprhates a chance…
Was so excited to come across a Crokinole board hanging up in a friend’s house!
Already planning a GoT playthrough around the time that Season 7 comes out on HBO.
Not a lot of the games in this range excite me. On the backburner for now.
Clank! crashes onto the scene- based on initial research it may be a deck building game.
So long, Village– was one of many fun worker placement games in the Top 100.




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