March Recap

With March on the books, I’m up to 14 reviews of the Top 100. Although now that Go has dropped off of the Top 100 list, does that put me back down to 13? Regardless, I’m happy with my continued progress. I’ve got a bit of a backlog at the moment, with four more reviews currently in the works. Out of all the games I played in March, here are the top 5 that I most enjoyed:

  1. Inis (#255) Back when I posted my January Recap, Inis was ranked #445 on the BGG rankings. A lot has changed since then. One thing hasn’t changed though: I still absolutely love this game. In fact it’s the first game outside of the Top 100 that I rewarded with a full review.
  2. Castles of Burgundy (#9) I played this game a number of times in March, and you can expect a positive review of it sometime in April. It’s not the flashiest game from an art perspective, but the mechanics are rock solid. There’s something satisfying about filling up your little hexagonal estate with tiles and reaping the rewards. The fact that it has resided in the Top 10 for so long is no fluke.
  3. Patchwork (#43) Although I reviewed 7 Wonders Duel this past month, there’s an even better 2 player game out there. As with Castles of Burgundy, you can expect a review of this one in the coming weeks. Quite possibly my favorite game by Uwe Rosenberg, one of the most decorated designers in the business.
  4. Pandemic Iberia (#235) Got to check this one out thanks to my friend Sigma, and I like the riff on the original. You can travel quickly between cities connected by railroads, and among coastal cities by boat, but there are no plane flights. If I didn’t already own the original, I might actually get this one instead. (Of course, Pandemic Legacy is still the best Pandemic by a wide margin.)
  5. Seafall (#1,054) In our most recent game, we unlocked boxes 4 AND 5. I’m loving all the new content and there’s one thing in particular that we all found to be brilliant. Seafall’s got its flaws for sure, but it’s been a fun experience nonetheless.

What games have you been enjoying lately? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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