Review: Suburbia AND Castles of Mad King Ludwig!

BGG Ranks #60 and 75 – 2/16/2017 Question: What does the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle have in common with a generic cluster of suburban sprawl? a) Both have been featured as the setting for multiple Pixar movies. b) There’s a really popular T.G.I. Friday’s at Neuschwanstein. c) Suburban architecture is heavily inspired by the works of composer Richard… Read More Review: Suburbia AND Castles of Mad King Ludwig!

Review: Go

BGG Rank #97 – 2/10/2017 This week we’re taking a trip back in the past, to look at what is easily the oldest game in the current BGG Top 100. Go is believed to have been invented by a Chinese emperor (or a member of the royal court) more than 4,000 years ago. But as I’ve noted… Read More Review: Go

January Recap

In January, I wrote reviews of 6 games out of the BGG Top 100. I also played two other games from the current Top 100 list (those writeups are pending), and two others which I expect to break into the Top 100 by year end. Of all the games I played in January, here are the top 5… Read More January Recap