The Journey Begins

A wise man once said, “The journey is more important than the destination.” Or perhaps he just didn’t want to admit that he was lost.

Either way, I think this phrase applies to my goal of reviewing the top 100 games. It has been fun to hear from friends, old and new, who have expressed interest in this project. By my count, I’ve already had 10 friends offer to play particular games from their collections with me. As interested as I am in learning about a ton of games I’ve never tried before, I’m even more excited to play those games with a variety of different groups.

That leads into another point—I know I’m going to need to get creative to achieve this goal. It wouldn’t be fiscally prudent for me to go on Amazon and purchase all 70+ games on the list that I don’t currently have access to, nor would it make for a very interesting blog. So that’s why I’ll be posting each Wednesday (or trying to, at least) about the journey of tracking down these various games.

Ultimately, I expect chronicling that journey to be the most important part of this blog. There are a lot of really great game reviewers out there already, and I don’t have any delusions about becoming a reviewer known for giving the earliest reviews of the hottest new games, or the most insightful reviews, or any of that. If anything about this blog ends up capturing some people’s interest, I think it will be the adventure of trying to track down these various games, the obstacles I face, and the lessons I learn along the way.

Maybe that journey will involve visiting some Friendly Local Game Stores that have some open copies I can test out. It could entail stepping outside my comfort zone and making an appearance at a game group full of complete strangers. Perhaps I’ll even attend my first board gaming convention! I have no idea at this point where this path will lead me. But I’m excited for the adventure.


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